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Turkey Shipbuilding Summit

Introduced by chairman Osman Kolay, Chairman of Kiran Holding and director of Istanbul, Sea of Marmara, Eagean and Mediteranian chamber of shipping Tamer Kiran shared Osman Kolay pessimist wiev.

Mr. Kiran Began his speech with a sad smile and said: "When I was asked to do this speech yesterday noon time, I had no information about to whom I was about to speak, therefore I immediately try to gain attendence list but unfortunately I could not recieve it ,so I concluded I will talk about turkish shipbuilding industry itself, some part of history some part of whats happening now but I see that there is only two foreigners with us, I remember the first shipbuilding conference in 2004 the hall was full of people from all side of the industry from banks, to industry supporters and about more than one hundred guests, now I’m seeing more about forty people, now we are very pessimistic about anything."

"About turkish shipbuilding, it is evolved from old an traditional activity in anatolia, at the time of the ottoman empire, in those days the shipyards was able to build large powerfull naval ships, the ships were able to sail through mediterranean, after 1980’s the shipyards in goldenhorn which we call “Haliç” in Turkish started to move from there to tuzla region and then since then the ship building industry began to expand. Together with the infrastructure investments the shipyards became to ship building and ship repair facilities simultaneously, especially since the early 1990’s industry begun to have nice qualified modern shipyards, which can build ships, yachts, mega yachts and do extensive repair and convertion works, our shipyards are mainly located in tuzla and now fallowed by yalova and izmit bay, also in recent years increasing traffic in black sea and mediterranian increased that regions shipyard investments in the last decade with the developments in the global market turkish shipbuilding have experienced hold increase in its shipbuilding and export capacity including a significant product diversification according to order books turkey take a place in the top ten countries on the basis of ships dead wieght tonnage production and top five countries in the number of the ships production, this was because of the turkish shipyards was experience in building small chemical tankers in vast numbers." He said.

"In recent years because of the changed economic scales the yards try to find new niche markets, to parralel in the early developments in 2000 there has been also strong development in marine equipment and manufacturing sector which in turkish we call “yan sanayi” which would increased the world market, this developments has taken place due to strategy and location of the yards the experinced work force and the quality of the producted ships in those days ship building and repairing industry considered one of the most promising industries in turkey, that held significant developments until acouple of years ago, at present there are almost seventeen active shipyards in turkey, while other fifty five or sixty shipyards being constructed, well most of them being postponed due to the financial situation of the world marine market, unfortunately this number affected by reduced amount for shipbuilding, following the world economic crisis in 2008 , the crisis also affected exports which was 2,7 billion USD in 2008 but now in 2010 just over the 1 billion USD according to state statistics. " He said.

Kiran said; "While traditionally turkish shipyards specialised in small sized commercial ships, in recent years yards have significantly increased their capacity, capability and competitiveness in the ship building industry, as a consequence there are yards capable, and I am sincerely saying after seeing the shipyards in china especially building a range of good quality commercial ships, modern tankers, petrolium tankers, large bulk carriers and big container ships, in addition to that as i said due to the changing market conditions, the shipyards began to look for new alternative markets such as  fishing boats, ocean going fishing boats, offshore platforms and mega yachts in order to diversify their capacity, the turkish yards still considered to be highly in the world in the small DWT chemical tankers building, in addition turkey’s support industry contributed an additional 1,5 billion dolars to the turkish economy in 2010 making the sector significantly important to the overall economy, the specialisation of turkish ship yards gave considerable strength to the shipyards, as evidence by growing turkish expertise in the construction of small and medium chemical tankers, and in parallel with experiance around the world, the turkish economy enjoyed an exceptional boost between 2002 and 2008. However the latter half of the 2007 came with very significant global recession from which the global economy is still suffering, all shipbuilding industry has entered in to a long anticipated downturn after prosperous round of several years, and exceeded many of expectations, becouse of falling trades, poor global economy catalouge and oversupply in shipping market ship building industry adversely effected, today maritime industries around the world are facing great challenges by global financial crisis, my main massage this morning was that, we must find new ways to cooperate in the maritime sector, globally, after i see the audience, the attendees, I must say that first, my message should be first as turkish shipbuilding industry we must believe that this bad days one day will end up and good shiny days will come again, because if we could not believe in something, there is no way we can achive it, so i would like to say turkish ship building industry, to manufacturers, to ship owners if we work hand to hand together with the support of the state, we can prove that we can do much much better than today, we all know that EU countries also suffering from the crisis but until recent days they were supported their shipbuilding industry, sometimes officialy sometimes unofficially, China is supporting extremely to their shipbuilding industry, China created new ship owners just to give new orders to its existing shipyards so the yards can survive, therefore i would like to say that, we should trust and believe in the industry, and start to work how shall we recover from this bad days." after his thanks Osman Kolay ask to attendees if any of the attendees had any question for Mr. Kiran, general manager of Ulstein, Vidar Smines asked; "If you could compare the chinese shipyards and turkish shipyards as a ship owner which would you choose?"

Mr. Kiran gave answer to the question as: "I will be very very honest with you Mr. Smines, I made a presentation about this several months ago, in a conference, very honestly speaking, Turkey is far beyond China in terms of quality, mentality, I’m in shipbuilding activity since 1982 I was eleven or maybe twelve years of those times and my father was building ships in halic (the goldenhorn), and those ships had around 8500 DWT because yard had no facility ship was building in two pieces and then merge the two parts in to one, I remember, in development of turkish shipbuilding, will definetly say that in to days conditions, turkish shipyards in terms of quality, in terms of mentality is much better in many shipyards in china, I cannot say all of them because there are good quality shipyards in China, but with numbers goes from 2000 to 5000 shipyards in China, lets take 2000 we cannot know the exact number right now so lets take 2000, out of this 2000 shipyards you’ll find only 10 proper, decent, quality shipyards in China, and when the industy booming with economical advantages the ship owners were not able to search for a good shipyard they looked for a empty slot only having said that I must say China is very fast growing and advancing country, they have the man power, they are importing technology and educating their young, compare to five years ago Chinese shipbuilding yards are in much better condition, ask me ten years later and and I'll say that China is very very good in shipbuilding area, but even then mentality is very important, because mentality is the way how you build the ship, you may have the technology you may have the manpower you may have all kinds of equipment, but if you don’t have the proper mentality in your workers, this is a big problem for example, if a worker work as 'I have to finish till five so lets cut the hole in here now', if this mentality don’t change China will have big problems, but this mentality will change beacuse they understood after having so much investment in shipbuilding industry, in terms of money in terms of manpower they realise that they have to compete with Japan and with Korea, otherwise the ship owners are ready to pay a couple of million dollars more and give orders to either Korea or Japan because of better quality, but China is very clever, realised that if they will not change the mentality they will lose the orders so they decided to change that. " after answering the question Mr. Kiran asked Mr. Smines if the answer is enough Mr. Smines said yes.