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Message From The Chairman

We have a strong belief that our experiences in the Turkish shipping industry will act as a guide in the ship-repair industry. Being a member for about 50 years of one of the leading ship-owning families providing services to the Turkish maritime industry, we are well aware of the main expectations of the ship owners. Tuzla Shipyard is the leading provider of quality construction repairs, conversion products, and other services to the shipping industry, all delivered in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. The quality of our services are provided by modern technology based on the quality of our personal. For the continuity of Tuzla Shipyard, we follow a policy of recruiting the best staff, and providing opportunities for their development and advancement. In order to fully utilize their talents, strengths and technical knowledge, we have created a working environment which nourishes increased productivity, cooperation and solidarity. Tuzla Shipyard has set high growth and profit targets for 2012. We will make every effort to achieve these objectives. Our Formula for success will always remain as experiences of pasta re guides to the future.