Tuzla Shipyard offers extensive workshop facilities, including a modern high capacity steel production workshop, supported by an inventory of more than 3500 tons of steel; machine workshop, electrical workshop, piping workshop, painting/sandblasting department, carpentry workshop and rigging services.

Tuzla Shipyard's production services are supported by complete engineering, quality, testing, and design capabilities. Tuzla Shipyard owns a dry-dock which is able to accommodate vessels up to 350 m in length, 65 m in width and of approx. 109000 tons of lifting capacity. Afloat repairs are also available along both sides of dry-dock.

The path of progress from the shipyard's pioneering work to its leading position today has been achieved by the superior quality of its products and services, the high productivity of its operations and the innovative spirit and integrity of its people.

Tuzla Shipyard operates one of the biggest floating docks in the world, having particulars, 350mt. in length, 65mt. inner width, 109.000 tons of lifting capacity. Built in Italy, completed, rigged and out in service in Turkey.

The dock is able to dive 17 meters, concrete structured. Equipped with; remote controlled ballast valves and pumps, draught sensors indicating draughts of dock, camera system to assist and control movements of vessels.

380/400 V power supply, generators, max/min:25/12,5 tons dock cranes, mobile winches on dock top, 100 t floating crane supporting from sea, powerful pumps and compressors which meet cooling water and air requirements, safety equipments, first aid box, stretchers etc...

Machining Workshop

Lathes 6 off
Drilling 5 off
Saw 2 off
Miller 5 off
Overhead Crane, 5 ton 1 off

Production Workshop

No.l L80 x W23 x H10 m
with 5 ton SWL Gantry crane
No.2 L80 x W23 x H10 m
with 5 ton and 10 ton SWL Gantry cranes
No.3 L80 x W23 x H10 m
with 30 ton SWL Gantry crane
No.4 L80 x W23 x H20 m
with 10 ton SWL Overhead crane

Production Equipment Shop

CNC Oxy / Fuel cutting 1 off
With 25 ton capacity  
CNC OxiFuel cutting 1 off
With 50 ton capacity  
SMAW welding machines 200 off
GMAVV welding machines 40 off
SAW welding machines 6 off
Positioner Rollers for pipe welding 1 off
Press 450 ton 1 off
Steel plate rolling machine 1 off

Open Assembly

3200 m2

Material Storage

1700 m2

Mobile Cranes

Gottwald 70 ton SWL 1 off
Gottwald 40 ton SWL 1 off
Grove 35 ton SWL 2 off
Grove 25 ton SWL 1 off
Coles 17 ton SWL 1 off
Coles 15 ton SWL 2 off
Lorain 10 ton SWL 2 off


HOymster 10 ton 1 off
Om 10 ton 1 off
Toyota 6 ton 1 off
Hyster 4 ton 1 off
Linda 8 ton 1 offf
Toyota 1.5 ton 1 off
Manitou 4 ton 2 off


MZ 76 23 m height 2 off
MZ 66 20 m height 4 off
ILG 40 17 m height 2 off

Bucket Diggers

Liebherr 5 ton 1 off
Mini 300 kg 2 off

Air Compressors

Fixed 9 off
Nozzles 82 off


Towing 1 offf
Truck 1 off
Truck 2 off

Mobile Power Generators

Capacity between 45 ton 200 kw 4 off

Service Boats

  5 off


6060 Barge with 20 ton crane 1 off

Floating Cranes

6060 Barge

The Barge,80X20 mt in size, 15 tons in capacity, meets many requirements such as hatch cover operations, material and equipment transportation from sea, supports dock cranes when needed.

Heavy floating crane

Yard is able to arrange floating cranes in capacity of 100 tons when 6060 barge is unuble to carry out operations.