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Customer Satisfaction Policy

Tuzla Shipyard providing repairs, conversion products, quality constructions and other services to the shipping industry. We are offering well organized modern floating dock with extensive workshop facilities; including a modern high capacity steel production workshop, machine workshop, electrical workshop, piping workshop, painting and sandblasting department, carpentry workshop and rigging services. Tuzla Shipyard's production services are supported by complete engineering, quality, testing and design capabilities. We always welcome your comments and questions in order to improve our services in the future.

Tuzla Shipyard has adopted the following principles on behalf of "our customers".

  • To assess our customers' demands and dissatisfactions not to be contrary to the legal requirements and our policy,
  • To continue our customer-oriented approach by efficiently managing all resources to meet the demands and expectations of our customers in the best way.
  • To protect the rights of the parties while meeting the demands and expectations of our customers,
  • Not to compromise the privacy policy,
  • To keep information security at the highest level during accessing customer satisfaction process,
  • To infuse customer- oriented work principles into our employees to keep customer satisfaction and loyalty at the highest level,
  • Considering the objective of being our customers' first choice we listen them carefully and work diligently to convert received complaints and feedbacks to customer satisfaction,
  • Employees' attitudes, awareness and knowledge levels are closely related to ensuring customer satisfaction therefore we keep all of them in the process,
  • To be objective and not to get out of the principle of transparency,
  • To keep making improvements in a customer- oriented approach within the plan-do-check-act cycle to prevent the recurrences of dissatisfactions.